Furnace Maintenance Check List

Furnace Maintenance Check List

September 16, 2019

Why Furnace Maintenance is Important

The last thing anyone wants to have happen in the middle of winter is to come home to a broken furnace. You depend on your home’s heating system to provide your family warm and comfort during the tough months of winter. No matter whether your furnace is a year old or has been in service for 10 years, industry experts everywhere agree that a preventive maintenance program is a great way to ensure many years of reliable service from your furnace. 

Furnace Maintenance Check List 

As you shop around to find the right furnace maintenance plan for your home, be sure that the one you choose covers these essential services. 

Heat Exchanger/Furnace Burner Inspection  

Both the heat exchanger and furnace burners are very important components in a home’s heating system. The heat exchanger is the device within the furnace that produces the warm air that travels throughout the home via the fan system. If this essential part is not working correctly, it can pose a great danger to the safety of both people and animals that reside in the house. If a heat exchanger or furnace burner malfunctions, it could lead to deadly carbon monoxide entering the home. Your maintenance technician will inspect these components each year. 

Furnace Fan Limit Switch & Furnace Thermostat

The fan or blower system in your furnace plays an important role by circulating warm air evenly throughout the home. The furnace fan limit switch is connected to the thermostat and will turn on and off according to the desired temperature of the homeowner. If the switch fails, the fan will either run continually or will not function at all. Your maintenance technician will be able to verify whether the furnace fan limit switch is working properly. 

Furnace Gas Line 

The gas line that comes into your home is the fuel supply for the furnace. While the heating system could not do its job without this vital component, the gas line can also be a source of danger if it does not function as it should. Furnace technicians are specially trained to detect leaks or other issues with residential gas lines. Should a problem be detected, repairs can be made right away. 

Furnace Flue Pipe Inspection  

The flue pipe plays a very important role in the furnace, as it takes all of the exhaust gases from the combustion chamber and safely emits them into the outside atmosphere. During the routine maintenance check, the technician will inspect the flue pipe to make sure that there are no blockages or obstructions present. 

Clean/Replace Filters 

Furnaces need the proper amount of airflow in order to work as they should.  A clogged filter can cause a number of problems, including the heating system having to work harder than it was designed to do. This can lead to premature wear to internal parts. Your furnace technician will inspect your filters and replace them as needed.
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